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Three thousand yuan level large diameter replica watches

A small wrist students see here, you can go out left, this is a rescue first aid to the wrist. Although large-diameter dials have gradually become mainstream in the modern aesthetic of best replica watches, what are some of the elements that really fit a wrist-wore watch in addition to the “large diameter” requirement?

Tag Heuer F1 Series CAZ1010.FT8024
Product Type: CAZ1010.FT8024
Domestic price: ¥ 8900
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: Steel / Titanium; Fixed Black Titanium Carbide Coated Steel Bezel with Embossed Fine Frosted Speed ​​Gauge
Waterproof depth: 200 meters
Watch Comments: 43 mm case diameter, stainless steel and titanium perfect combination of interpretation. Tag Heuer Replica Accord F1 series CAZ1010.FT8024 watch dial design inspired by the car dashboard, publicity sub-plate and bezel design, with a black rubber strap, the overall gives a young and energetic personality. This watch uses the movement of the quartz movement, relative to the mechanical watch, the quartz movement in the daily maintenance and use, more simple and convenient.

Boer War Warrior Series NM2092C-P-BK
Product Type: NM2092C-P-BK
Domestic price: ¥ 13800
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 11.65 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: ETA 2824-2
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Case material: stainless steel
Watch Comments: War Warrior series Boer is known as the “most beautiful luminous series. This is not unreasonable, you may have seen the starry night sky in the United States, the War of the Barrs NM2092C-P-BK (Night Train Golden Diamond) luminous effect comparable to the night starry beauty, orange, green time scale with yellow The hands, fluorescent coating in the night or dark light burst out of the beautiful light, in 45 mm large diameter dial was the perfect interpretation.

Howley Diving Series 752 7733 4183
Product Model: 752 7733 4183
Domestic price: ¥ 17800
Watch diameter: 45.5 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: Oris752
Case material: stainless steel, one-way rotating diving bezel, black ceramic scale circle
Waterproof depth: 500 meters
Watch Comments: private opinion, diving watch dial design requires large diameter case to highlight its domineering. Howley diving series stainless steel, unidirectional rotating diving bezel with black ceramic design, with a gray dial and white fluorescent coating time scale, 3 o’clock date with a double day calendar display window, the practical performance can fully cope with Daily needs. Hao Li when this cheap replica watches, this case diameter is the largest case, 45.5 mm dial diameter, I think only the real rough wrist can easily control, ordinary people are afraid of will be prohibitive.
Summary: Rough wrist or like large diameter watch you, whether it is “the most beautiful luminous” Bol or domineering exposed Holly diving watches, or the TAG Heuer F1 series, can be included in the selection of large diameter Watch list, after all, although they belong to a large diameter, but each watch body flash point is different. What do you think?


The first “Made in Switzerland”, Connected smart watch with Android Wear 2.0 and 100% touch screen appearance in China will be an important milestone for Swiss pioneer watch brand TigerHK to expand in China.

Swiss pioneer watch brand TAG Heuer Replica Connected Modular 45 smart watch from now on the official listing in China. Developed through the brand’s efforts with Intel and Google, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch features the Android Wear 2.0 system to support local applications for a better user experience.

Payment function replaced by PayPal Android Pay, you can use the QR bar code payment; navigation function from Google Maps to “Sogou map”; “Keep” to replace Google Fit tracking fitness activities; Google Voice Search also changed to China’s local “go out to ask “. Other Chinese local apps with millions of users can be downloaded through the “Ask the App Store” built into the watch.
Tag Heuer Replica Watches will be relying on the introduction of this new work, the official into the potential of China’s smart wear market.

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Tag Heuer and watchmaker of LVMH, commented: “China has become one of the most important markets for TAG Heuer. The second largest consumer market, we attach great importance to the launch of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 in China, which is a good opportunity for us to enter the market right now with stable domestic conditions. ”
Leo Poon, general manager of TigerHall Greater China, also pointed out: “With the success of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch worldwide, we are very much looking forward to this watch also achieved good sales results in China. The Chinese market is now highly intelligent and has a myriad of potential customers. We are honored that the Chinese version of TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch will be on the lookout. ”

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch Chinese version available immediately. In particular, all the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watches sold in China and the rest of the world are current and affordable for China.
TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch Chinese version is based on pure Swiss watchmaking tradition made by the design, research and development and assembly of the TAG Heuer brand watches factory in La Chauxde, Switzerland, and all Tiger Accor “Switzerland Made “watch carries the same superior quality and performance. The same craftsmanship, the same exquisite decoration, the same attention to detail, the Swiss rigorous and precise watchmaking expertise ensures the highest standards of Swiss quality.

Smart Watch belongs to the famous Carrera Carrera series by Tiger Heuer, which perfectly illustrates the vanguard, watchmaking art and the luxury within reach. TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch with an elegant 45 mm diameter Chinese version of the design, different from the general watch, the lugs, strap and clasp, especially the case, which is its central module, are Replaceable Frosted or polished grade 5 titanium, plated with 18K 5N rose gold or black ceramic, with or without diamond studded style, selectable from 56 different versions (11 standard models in the shop and 45 models For custom), watch the entire appearance can be customized.
This customization can be derived from a variety of materials and color combinations. Just strap is not less than 18 kinds of reference styles, choose rubber, natural leather, carbon gray leather, titanium or ceramic material.

This first concept of the watchmaking industry will definitely surprise you. Users can truly realize the concept of smart watch modularity by purchasing Swiss mechanical movement modules, such as the three-pin Caliber 5 movement, or the tourbillon movement, the most sophisticated watchmaking technique available. This is not a simple tourbillon, but a COTS-certified Heuer 02-T tourbillon chronograph movement made of titanium and carbon fiber. Tiger Accor is also the only one in the world to achieve such a high standard of watch brands.
In this way, users can easily change the heart of the watch – the central module, the smart watch into a mechanical watch, repeated changes in order to adapt to a variety of occasions and match the mood. This is a watch with both elegance and characteristics, in line with the exquisite Swiss watch exquisite standard.
Modular concept extends to the smart watch software features, dial can also be customized. On the basis of preserving the features of the Tigerat brand, the brand has developed 30 different dials, some of which are inspired by the classic work, such as the famous panda dial, inspired by the long tradition of the brand.

Dial colors include white, black, light gray, carbon gray, chocolate brown, navy blue and gold, with sun patterns, open dial, three pointer dial, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) dial, 1 to 3 chronograph dials, and Date and day of the week, just swipe your finger gently dial, flip between the fingers to switch.
TAG Heuer Studio Dial Configurator lets users turn watchmakers into creating their own dials. Instantly choose your own surface and function, as well as setting various colors, metallic timestamps and hands, details of SuperLuminova ™ luminescent materials, and lacquered markers to make your watch perfect.

This pure Swiss luxury replica watches was designed in cooperation with Intel to simplify the lives of its users. The built-in GPS makes it possible to position and record movement without the need for a phone: the information you need can be obtained from the square inches on your wrist.
Life of 50 meters waterproof makes this cheap replica watches can also be used in water. Wear this watch to enjoy life, swimming, running, skiing or adventure. At the same time, this watch can also make the user’s daily life more convenient, you can scan QR code Alipay, direct payment.
Watch display with OLED technology, providing excellent picture quality and bright colors. Google Android Wear 2.0 and the new TAG Heuer Companion application enhance the experience of the software, allowing users to keep abreast of the most concerned people and events.

The newly designed Companion app helps users quickly get acquainted with the new watch and makes the experience even easier. Android users can download the TAG Heuer Connected app, enjoy previewing the available dials and sync TAG Heuer Studio on their phone. iPhone users can also download a variety of applications directly from the watch through Android Wear2.0 version of the user experience.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch China Edition will redefine the concept of time to create a more modern lifestyle experience. Always enjoy the smart life, feel smart watch gives a new meaning of time.

With immediate effect, TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Chinese version of the smart watch at Tagheuer Lynx flagship store (, flagship store ( and the National Tag Heuer boutique limited edition (below Boutique first).

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